anoxic fumigation of art and cultural heritage objects

What is anoxic fumigation?

Anoxic fumigation, or controlled atmosphere treatment as it is scientifically known, is a proven method of removing pests from art and cultural heritage objects. Utilizing argon gas, this technique is harmless to most art and cultural heritage objects, and leaves no residue. In addition, unlike other methods, it is also safe and non-toxic to humans.

An established conservator performs these treatments. Wooden objects such as furniture and panel paintings are excellent candidates for this approach, as well as historic textiles such as costumes, embroideries, tapestries, rugs, and carpets. Natural history collections or taxidermy models can also be treated with this method. Treatments last approximately three to four weeks and objects large or small, or whole collections can be treated onsite or in our facility.

We have successfully treated:

  • contemporary and period paintings and their frames

  • contemporary art objects

  • historic textiles

  • contemporary and period furniture

  • ethnographic objects

  • panel paintings and icons

  • contemporary and period carpets

  • archival documents